Uniform Guide

The images show the proper locations for patches for each of the ranks.  Tigers, Wolves, and Bears use the same shirt but the hat and neckerchief change color each year (Tigers – orange, Wolves – Yellow, Bears – Blue).  Webelos wear the tan shirt for 2 years. Uniforms can be purchased at Harry’s Army & Navy or the Scout Store in Westampton Twp (a larger selection). If you buy your uniform at Harry’s save the receipt and give us a copy. If we get enough sales they will give us store credit for Pack purchases.

Tiger Cub Uniform - click to expand

Wolf & Bear Cub Scout Uniform - click to expand

Webelos Uniform - click to expand

All new Cub Scout should start with the following patches (the rest are earned as the scout progresses):

Most patches are iron-on but they usually don’t stay on very well that way.  I recommend sewing them on.  Sarah at Sassy Stiches here in Chesterfield offers patch sewing services for $1 a patch with a $3 minimum.  Contact her via email with this link.

Pack Numbers

Den Number - your Den will pick a number during the first meeting.

World Scouting Crest

Council Patch - Provided by the Pack (design varies year-to-year)

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